Women In Adventure – survey

Women In Adventure survey results now ready

My ex-colleague Hetty Key has been actively working for a number of years on how outdoor activities can affect the health and well being of women.

Hetty is an inspiring individual and a keen outdoors goer. She leads and manages Women In Adventure – amongst other things – and the results of their most recent survey are now available.

The results make for very interesting reading.

At Peak Sourcing and throughout our careers we have always been excited by how getting outdoors and being active can help people’s sense of personal worth and general well being. As well as experiencing those great moments that make treasured memories and life “worth living”…

Within the last few years a lot of research has taken place on outdoors as therapy – and the realisation has grown that there are indeed tangible, measurable benefits.

We all knew this at some level anyway. Humans need to reconnect with the natural world – to escape from the urban environment, from being indoors, from staring at screens (like now!). You can feel it whenever you get the chance to walk amongst trees, mooch along a beach or clamber to the top of a high mountain ridge. Uplifting, isn’t it?

Now the therapeutic reality of this is being increasingly measured and scientifically assessed, moving the debate on from just anecdotes about how we felt after a great day out in the hills at the weekend…

Hetty and Women In Adventure’s Survey is an engaging contribution to this body of work. Anything that adds insights and practical steps to helping people’s happiness and well-being is pretty ok with us…

Women In Adventure – Survey snapshot

Have a closer look and download the survey results for the whole picture, here:


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